Price: $375,000 (plus any skid/crate, load/ship, disassembly/assembly/installation fees)


The Formcook Contact Cooker incorporates the principle of cooking the product continuously between two cooking belts since the most effective method of transferring heat between two surfaces is by direct contact. It is perfectly suited for browning, searing and Sous Vide products since it utilizes intensive 260°C conduction heat.

  • Brand: JBT/Formcook
  • Model: Contact Cooker 1542E
  • Serial/Project: #4776
  • MFG # 32290006
  • ORDER # 1101127
  • Type: Electric Contact Cooker
  • Date of Manufacture: 01/14/2015
  • Belt width: 60″
  • Usable belt width: 59″
  • Cook length: 13.78 feet
  • 7 lower electric platens
  • Delivers uniform heat across the width of the belt for consistent and even product results
  • Provides precise temperature control
  • Extremely short dwell time and fast belt speed limits premature internal cooking; equivalent to pan processing
  • Fat-free contact cooking with non-stick belts seals the natural juices and fats in the product for highest eating quality and minimum cooking losses
  • Fast cooking time provides higher yield
  • Non-stick solid cooking belt means product is cooked in its juices and natural fats
  • Perfect browning of product surface
  • No belt marks on products
  • Power: Main, 460 volt 3 phase 60 Hz, Controls, 110 volt 1 phase 60 Hz
  • Electric drive
  • Exhaust fan
  • All safety stops and guards
  • HMI screen
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix processor disconnects all motors
  • Oven in manufacturers original crate


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