There are times when our customers are looking for something that we do not have in our inventory. We have compiled a list of all of the current item requests and listed them here. Do you see something you have and could be a possible option for our customer? Please fill out the form below and give us a description of what you have. We will get back with you asap. Thank you!


1. Cooling tables, all types

2. Hilliard enrobing equipment, all types/sizes esp 10"

3. 16" APV complete enrobing line or just enrober

4. (2) 50-60K lb indoor silos

5. Indoor Super Sak mover with blower system

6. Inverted Flow Wrap Machine Pieces for packs of 24 egg rolls 2.75 inches long, 2.5 inches tall, 12.75 inches long. 600 pieces per minute. There will be 2 sizes. This is the larger size. Want lugs to feed the Overwrap.

7. Check Weigher cases or individual pieces, packages overwrapped then packed into cases. (For egg rolls above.)

8. Case Erector with Glue capability, 3 cases per minute

9. (3) Revent 724GCGU Double Rack Oven. Gas.

10. Spiral conveyors, all configurations

11. Waterwheels, all configurations

If you have an item for sale on our Equipment Wanted list submit below