There are times when our customers are looking for something that we do not have in our inventory. We have compiled a list of all of the current item requests and listed them here. Do you see something you have and could be a possible option for our customer? Please fill out the form below and give us a description of what you have. We will get back with you asap. Thank you!


  • Benier Conical Rounder C03 or C05 
  • Complete Tortilla lines
  • Double Sigma Mixers ( all sizes )
  • 340 Glen Mixer - Good Condition
  • Mallet pan greaser 
  • Unifiller Multi M6 Depositor
  • Butter Pump & Extruder
  • Bulk packer or pillow pack machine
  • Vacuum depanner, 30 inches wide
  • Shine sprayer. To spray liquid on top of product after depanned.
  • Tray former. Formed tray size is 19 ½” x 23 ¼”.
  • Over wrap machine to overwrap a tray with a minimum size of: 19.09" (485mm) x 15.03" (385mm) x 2.59" (66mm) Texwrap model 2203 contentious motion side seal or equivalent. With Shrink Tunnel.
  • Tray loader. After pillow pack is sealed to load it in a tray.
  • Hinge and band slicer
  • Used 3 lane flour tortilla stacker 40” wide. Sizes from 4 to 12”
  • 10" & 16 " Wide enrober and cooling tunnel
  • Cooling tables
  • Confectionery Cream Beater
  • Fire mixer i.e. FireMixer-14 Table-Top Electric Cooker-Mixer
  • Deposit chocolate measure out right into molds like a Savage Bros Chocolate Tempering Machine 50lbs and Depositing Pump
  • Spiral cooler 48"
  • Mepaco TB-170-0200 SGL Thermablend Cooker
  • 500 - 600 Gal SS Dual Motion Jacketed Kettle / Tank
  • Market Forge 100 Gallon Electric Kettle
  • Used spiral cooler with an inline depanner for hamburger buns, 20,000 pieces per hour 
  • Comitrol 3600
  • Grassselli SL400 Slicer
  • Jaccard Simplexmatic strip slicer
  • Multivac R530 Rollstock Thermoformer
  • Grasselli NSL 600 Vertical Slicer for Fresh Meats
  • Treif Felix SS Dicer
  • Hydrauflaker 5000 Lb/Hour Capacity
  • Stephan UM SK 25 - 70 Liter Bowl Chopper
  • Koch UV2100-C Dual Chamber Vacuum Bag Sealer
  • Rietz RE15 Extructor/Grinder
  • 75-90 cu ft Ribbon Blender single shaft trap door on bottom
  • Heat and Control Stainless Steel Continuous Fryer 
  • Urschel Model 30 Crosscut Slicer
  • Adco CTF470V Tray Former and Glue Unit
  • Autobag AB180 Bag Sealer
  • Scale and VFFS for Popcorn with MAP
  • Dust Collection Bag Houses

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