Price: $70,900 as described or $79,900 with machine mounted.



Stainless Steel belt filter Model OF-11 to remove coarse particulate from hot cooking oil. This is a stand-alone system built according to USDA design guidelines and is to be integrated into an existing frying system. Note that all safety interlocks and integration are to be completed by the customer. Complete machine operation manual, assembly and electrical drawings will be included with filter assembly.

  • Brand: Omar Associates
  • Type: Hot Oil Filter
  • Model: OF-11
  • Condition: New


  • Pumps:
    o Stainless Steel centrifugal feed pump
    o Stainless Steel centrifugal suction pump
    o Pumps and piping set up to facilitate filling fryer, pumping to tank, and hot oil circulation
    o 10-12 gpm nominal continuous flow rate
    o Machine-mounted valves to use suction pump to transfer oil to fryer or oil supply tank
  • Filter belt and suction box:
    o 80 micron belt interchangeable with Stein SF-11
    o Positive drive, continuous belt drive
    o Stainless Steel filter belt drive chain
    o Forced flow circulation system
    o Stainless Steel construction
    o Continuous inlet flow
    o Outlet flow controlled by float switch
    o Flat cover over filtration area to minimize oil splash and oil cooling
  • Pipework:
    o Stainless Steel piping to connect to fryer to be supplied by customer
    o Field installation of pipework by customer
  • Electrical:
    o Fryer – mounted controls (** Optional machine-mounted controls)
    o Control assembly mounted in NEMA enclosure
    o Single electrical junction point
    o Power: 480 VAC / 3 phase / 60 Hz / 30 amps
    o 4 inch exhaust duct to be connected to filter by customer
  • Lead time:
    o With fryer-mounted controls: Stock
    o With machine-mounted controls: 3-4 weeks
  • Terms: Pricing is in USD($), valid for Thirty (30) Days from the date of Proposal, and F.O.B. ship point. Payment terms are 45% with order, 45% due prior to shipment, net plus freight due 30 days from shipment.


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