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  • The AFE Turba-Flo™ Cooling Tunnel is highly efficient. Designed for constant cooling temperatures and environmental safety. The modular design and numerous cooling style choices ensure it will meet the requirements of most any product that needs to be cooled in today’s cost competitive environment.
  • Brand: AFE (All Food Equipment, LLC)
  • Type: Cooling Tunnel
  • Model: Turba-Flo™
  • Date of Manufacture: When Ordered
  • Capacity: Varied by Specs
  • Construction: Stainless Steel/Food Grade Materials
  • Chilled Water/Glycol or R404A units
  • Optional Chilled Plate Conveyors
  • Direct or Indirect Convection Cooling Types Available
  • Adjustable Temperature & Air Velocity
  • Belt Widths Ranging from 300mm (12”) to 1500mm (60”) Standard and in any Length Desired
  • Multi Pass Tunnels are available for Applications Where Customer has LImited Space
  • Modular Design is Easy to Install and Extend
  • Teflon Scraper and Catch Pan to Remove Excess Debris from Belt
  • Variable Belt Speed
  • Automatic Pneumatic Belt Tracking System
  • Frame Constructed from Minimum 2.5mm Thick Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing
  • All Necessary Areas Guarded for Safety
  • Drive Motor: SEW or NORD (or equal quality)
  • Pneumatics: SMC (or equal quality)
  • Insulated Covers Lift or Remove for Easy Sanitation
  • Insulated covers Made of Minimum 1.5mm Thick Stainless Steel (Inside the Cover is Minimum 1.2mm thick Stainless Steel)
  • Covers have Pneumatic Lift Cylinders to Make Them Easy to Open to Inspect Product and Clean Tunnel
  • Removable Heat Preservation Strip Between each Cover Sealing plate for Insulation Layer Made of Sandwiched Stainless Steel Plates, Thickness: 30mm
  • Top Edge of Tunnel Covers Rounded for Sanitation and Aesthetics
  • Bearings: SKF or Equal Quality
  • Stainless Steel Electrical Panel
  • Electrical Components are Allen Bradley, Omron, Schneider or Siemens (Refer to the quotation for details)
  • Power: As Specified by Customer
  • Electrical Parts Conform to UL Standards (UL standards or CE “Canadian standards” can be met if required)
  • Front and Rear E-Stops
  • Condition: New

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