• Brand: Konig
    • Type: Artisan Bread Line
    • Date of manufacture: 2010
    • Condition: Good/Used


    • SFI 350 Stress Free Divider
    • Compression Rollers ( 3 )
    • Top and Bottom Molding Belts Fully adjustable
    • Seeder ( Two Station )
    • Discharge Conveyor
    • Pictures and videos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/39602tvxgxeq61t/AAAXtOKcm4RdTNJ95pTRKlVna?dl=0
    • Approximately $350K new

    Performance features:

    • Extremely gentle dough processing for soft doughs
    • Dough throughput with softer doughs approx. 500 kg/hour; with harder doughs up to 1,200 kg/hour
    • Maximum product variety because of modular units such as bowl hoist, rounding station, longrolling station, dampening, seeding and various easily exchangeable tools

    The continuous dough belt is brought to its final thickness very gently by the use of two satellite rollers and one cross roller in the Artisan SFI. The shear stresses in the dough belt are thus minimal and premium quality is guaranteed. The enormous power of this machine stands for a high degree of profitability.

    The Artisan SFI can be expanded by tried-and-tested Koenig components at any time to include bowl hoist or box lifter, rounding station with a bypass section, dampening and seeding unit, longrolling station for white breads and baguette, cutting unit, setting unit, etc.


WAS  $149,900

NOW $129,900

(quoted price does NOT include any additional skid/crate, load/ship, removal/disassembly/assembly/installation costs that might apply)

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