Price: $29,900 (quoted price does NOT include any skid/crate, load/ship, removal/disassembly/assembly/installation costs that might apply, unless otherwise noted)



The Grote Model 613-VS slicer is used for food processors/food-service applications, for bulk and portion slicing, stacking and shingle cutting, for slicing a variety of products quickly and consistently. A versatile band-type slicer that’s recommended for boneless non-frozen meat/cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and bread products.

  • Brand: Grote
  • Type: Oscillating Multi-Slicer
  • Model: 613-VS
  • Rated at 37 to 90 Strokes Per Minute
  • Construction: USDA Meat and Poultry Sanitary Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled for easy cleaning and sanitation.
  • Has 30″ L x 13″ W Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Discharge/Takeaway Conveyor
  • Includes oscillating product holder tubes for two lane operation
  • Variable slice thickness from .02 inch (.5mm) to 1/2 inch (12.7mm)
  • Bulk, slice, stack and shingle modes
  • Rated for stack height to 2 inches (51mm)
  • “Accuband” continuous band cutting knife
  • Continuous product loading during operation, gravity feed
  • Includes integral operator control panel with variable speed controls
  • Has slice counter for grouping slices/variable group spacing
  • Power: 208/240 VAC / 1 phase / 60 Hz
  • Refurbished to Excellent Condition with $6k New Parts
  • Skidded / Full board Crated: $250.00 NET

The following feed tubes are included with the slicer:

1076700 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 5.12 ID
1078425 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 3.75 ID
1078666 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 4.13 ID
1079302 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 3.13 ID
1080965 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 2.75 ID
1090862 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 2.88 ID RND
1097660 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 2.17 ID
1103805 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 2.25 ID RND
1131251 CLUSTER, FRONT, 613, 2.00 ID RND

1070508 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 3.63W, 18GA
1076441 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 4.00W, 18GA
1077725 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 5.00W, 18GA
1080953 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 3.00W, 18GA
1080960 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 2.75W, 18GA
1088749 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 1.97W, 18GA
1097681 CLUSTER, BACK, 613, 2.13W, 18GA

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