• Project Scope: Rebuilt APV/Baker 80-foot recirculating 2 zone one-meter wide band tunnel oven. Two – 40-foot zone sections. Werner Lehara refurbished one meter through the band wire-cut. Werner Lehara refurbished one meter wide 390 rotary molder.

    Oven: APV/Baker 80ft. X one-meter wide band, 2 zone indirect fired tunnel oven to include the following:

    • 2 – 40-foot baking zone
    • 10 – foot infeed frame with rollers
    • 36 – foot discharge frame with rollers with drive drum (Note: 26 foot of oven discharge with 10-foot extension)
    • Oven drive assembly with drive drum (new bearings, sandblasted and painted Steel-it brand paint) Used gear motor. Note: If used gear motor does not meet bake time requirements a new gear motor will be additional charge.
    • Bake time, TBD
    • Oven belt weight take-up assembly (sandblasted and painted Steel-it brand paint, new bearings installed)
    • Oven band height 48 inches, plus or minus
    • 2- explosion vents per baking zone
    • 2- New burner box assemblies with explosion vent
    • 2 – New burner box explosion vent per zone
    •  2- New mild steel recirculating blower housings with expansion bearing and two shaft coolers, 10 h.p. motor belt driven (one per zone)
    • 2- New 3 h.p. belt driven exhaust blowers with heat construction, exhaust piping from oven to blower (one per zone) All exterior frame work to be mild steel, painted Steel-It brand paint
    • Interior framework painted Hi-Temp aluminum paint
    • Cast oven interior oven band supports
    • 2- New N.F.P.A. approved burner gas valve train
    • 2- New Maxon 412 burner with air filter housing, 1.2 million BTUs
    • New pre-wired oven electrical control panel with New Eurotherm 2404 temperature controller, Protection Controls flame safety and Protection Controls first outage fault control. Allen Bradley components where applicable. Engineered to N.F.P.A. 86 and N.E.C. standards. Note: Touch screen/PLC control can be quoted at additional cost. (Note: Does not include field wiring components. Panel to oven)
    • New mineral wool insulation
    • Aluminum exterior skin
    • Rebuilt oven band cleaning brush assembly
    • Fixed position oven take-off knife
    • APV 80-foot rebuilt oven:

    Price: $259,200 One-year warranty on parts


    Oven is currently assembled in two 40-foot sections on I-beams for shipping. Burner tops will need to be removed for shipping.

    Total Oven Price: $259.200 F.O.B. Billings Montana. 1-year warranty. Parts only.

    Note: baking band is not included in this price.

    Delivery: TBD

    Note: Oven is 95% complete. Needs the gas trains to burners. These are not ordered until purchased to customer’s specific gas pressure.

    Oven Options:

    • Oven infeed graphite band lubricating assembly (3 bar design) Price: $2,750
    • 2- Sets spring loaded return band guide assemblies Price: $3,025
    • New retracting take-off conveyor with positive drive stainless steel mesh Price: $21,876
    • Used one-meter carbon steel band in good condition (New band is approximately $69,000) Price: $33,000

    Additional recommended options:
    Note: The Eckels built tracking system is a recommended option due to high cost of oven baking band.

    • 1 -Eckels – Built TruTracker automatic tracking system (oven discharge) Model 2106 HDCT-Dual-B (solid metal band) with oven frame mounting brackets and two-cylinder guards Price: $13,225 F.O.B. manufacture
    • 1- Eckels – Built TruTracker automatic tracking system (oven infeed, belt return) Model 2R16 HDOI-Dual (solid metal band) with mounting brackets and two cylinder guards Price: $12,055 F.O.B. manufacture
    • 10-Used stainless steel impingement cooling fans (Oven discharge) 5 mounted on top of band, 5 mounted on the bottom of the band. (recommended for hot climates) New motors and starters and overload protection added to oven panel. Motor disconnects included. Price: $44,000 ($4,400 each) Note: these are $7,000 new each.
    • Werner Lehara refurbished one meter through the band wire-cut. Unit has all new bearings, updated Euro drive gearmotors. New electrical controls with push button control. Variable frequency drive for speed control. Price: $60,500 (6 weeks)
    • Werner Lehara One meter 390 rotary molder: Unit to be disassembled, sand blasted and painted Steel-It brand paint. All new bearings, new gearmotor, chains sized to customers bake time on 80-foot oven. New knife and pressure roll coating 60 to 70 durometer. New belt with spare belt and new electrical push button controls. New electrical controls. Price $64,900 (8 to 12 weeks)
    • 2- Used stainless steel gated dough tubs with carts. ($7,150 each) Price: $14,300.00
    • Delivery: 80-foot oven – 2 weeks.
    • Installation will be quoted separately.
    • Note: This price is valid for 30 days due to changing material prices.
    • Total oven with options and items listed.

    Price: Approx. $524,000 with all options listed above (when purchased together). Note: All rebuilt items listed will have a one-year warranty on parts.


    • 50% down
    • 40% before shipping
    • 10% due after commissioning of equipment

    Customer responsibilities:

    • All equipment and band and Eckels trackers shipping to installation site
    • Oven installation
    • Any and all permitting to install oven
    • Any and all emissions equipment or requirements

    (All prices shown do NOT include any additional skid/crate, load/ship, disassembly/assembly/installation fees that might apply)


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