The XL model is the largest of the Unitherm Spiral Ovens and can easily handle capacities up to 20,000 lbs/hr. From roasting chickens to smoking hams and turkeys, this oven provides maximum performance in a much smaller footprint compared to linear alternatives.

Unitherm Spiral Ovens are engineered to deliver the highest product quality and consistency, while maximizing control and productivity per square foot. Their unique design equilibrates temperatures across the belt and minimizes energy loss at the infeed and outfeed, reducing energy costs and boosting overall efficiency. The oven’s controls allow you to dial-in recipes to achieve desired color, texture, and moisture, so you can yield those juicy, crispy, tender, cooked-to-perfection results. This all translates to lower operational costs, shorter cooking and cleaning times, and increased throughputs, which all contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Brand: Unitherm
  • Model: XL
  • Serial: SPOVXL01
  • Date of manufacture: 2011
  • Belt width: 40 inches
  • New burner and controls installed in 2017

Seller will consider reasonable offers

VIEW PDF: Unitherm_Spiral-Oven-Brochure_Web-Version_June-2019

Price: $400,000 loaded on truck (quoted price does NOT include any additional skid/crate, load/ship, disassembly/assembly/installation costs that might apply)

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